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The American Commercial Tire Network (ACTN) now offers their own branded tire to customers across the U.S.  They have partnered with American Pacific Industries (API) to manufacture state-of-the-art commercial tires to fit many of their customer’s needs.  See the brochure linked above for more details, and enter your zip code in the SEARCH function to find the dealer nearest you.


• ACTN TIRES have a state-of-the-art sidewall profile and a proprietary steel-belt package resulting in even contact pressure with the surface of the road. This feature promotes enhanced handling, stability and uniform wear.

• ACTN TIRES are manufactured utilizing cap/base construction which enhances casing durability, resulting in greater heat dissipation, re-treadability and lower running costs.

• ACTN TIRES tread compounds are formulated with the latest technological advances to ensure maximum performance and durability for every application.

• ACTN TIRES tires utilize a two-compound filler in the bead contour which facilitates a more exact, concentric fitment in the mounting process. This results in greater overall uniformity and virtually eliminates vibration problems, regardless of the application. Additionally, every ACTN tire is factory balanced and screened for free radial runout to further enhance ride and

• ACTN TIRES are constructed with a proprietary wire wrap within the steel belt package resulting in less overall tread movement and a wider footprint. This feature promotes stability, durability and long-lasting performance.

Tire Construction and Benefits:

The ACTN Branded Commercial Truck tires offer major construction differences over other tire designs.

ACTN Branded Commercial Truck Tire Advantages:

• Backed by largest network of independent tire dealers in North America

• Designed and manufactured for use on North American roads

• Expanded FMVSS 119 endurance testing to double the regulatory limit and beyond

• Cap-base construction

• Reduces operating costs with Low Cost per Mile performance

• Every tire is dynamically balanced at the factory

• Every tire is tested for free radial run-out (FRRO) at the factory

• 100% free replacement warranty for first 50% of tread depth followed with pro-rated warranty for remaining life of tire less 2/32”

• Casing warranty through the life of the first retread or 5 years from date of manufacture, whichever comes first

TRIB To Produce Video Highlighting the Environmental Benefits of Retreading With Sponsorship of ACTN


FALLS CHURCH, Virginia - The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) is joining forces with the American Commercial Tire Network (ACTN) to develop a video that highlights the massive environmental benefits of tire retreading. Once produced, the video will be placed on TRIB's YouTube Channel, the Video Section of TRIB's website, displayed and distributed at the many trade shows TRIB attends as well as offered to news outlets to highlight the positive environmental aspects of tire retreading.

"Tire retreading is one of the original green industries," said TRIB Managing Director David Stevens. "It conserves huge amounts of raw materials, including oil and steel, reduces carbon dioxide output, keeps millions of tires out of landfills every year, and eventually helps with the careful recycling of end-of-life tires to be used in other applications such as pavement and rubber mulch."

"ACTN is proud to sponsor this video with TRIB," said ACTN President John Snider." Retreading is an important part of our eighteen member-companies' businesses and we're glad to help spread the word about the huge positive impacts retreading has for the environment."

About TRIB:
TRIB is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(6) industry association founded in 1974 with a goal of providing the motoring public (in both the private and public sectors) with the most up-to-date information about the economic and environmental benefits of tire retreading and tire repairing. For more information, visit or call 1-877-394-6811.

New Video Released
Please click here to view this video on the environmental impact of retreading.